BrombergLab @ Virtual ISMB 2020

PostDoctoral Associate ISMB 2020

Zishuo Zeng, Ariel Aptekmann, Maximilian Miller and Yana Bromberg will present current research undertaken in the BrombergLab at the Virtual Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) 2020. Zishuo Zeng outlines a new approach for predicting the effect of synonymouse variants in the VarI COSI Track, titled “A novel framework to evaluate the effects of synonymous variants”.

Maximilian Miller will present a new mi-faser based approach for the CAMDA Metagenomic Geolocation Challenge, clustering unknown metagenomic samples to cities of common origin using UMAP Forest-Embedding and density based clustering and proposing geographic locations by prediting city features via regression.

Videos of both pre-recorded talks will be available shortly.

Maximilian Miller
Maximilian Miller
PostDoctoral Associate

improving variant effect predictions, deciphering metagenomes and creating an efficient service infrastructure