Interview in KontakTUM

Yana Bromberg

On 84 pages the current KontakTUM reviews the Anniversary Year of TUM. The magazine also once again focuses on the Alumni of TUM: five impressive alumni will share in an interview how their time at TUM has shaped them and what made them grow – professionally, as well as privately. In the KontakTUM Programme section of the magazine you will furthermore find a wide range of events. As an alumni you have countless possibilities to return to your alma mater or to profit from TUM’s career offers.

In 2009 Yana Bromberg visited TUM for the first time as a post-doc. Today – ten years later – she is an internationally successful professor for Bioinformatics and remains closely linked to her former host university. She is visiting Munich regularly to exchange ideas with TUM professor Burkhard Rost and also to meet the numerous friends she has in the city, because work and pleasure are inseparable for the researcher from the US. Yana Bromberg believes that success is achieved by setting clear goals and making the right decisions. Not only her own research is important to her but also supporting talented young scientists. Research Alumni Yana Bromberg on Bioinformatics, a gymnastics ball that changed her life and on why everyone is the architect of their own good fortune.

The article was published in KontakTUM 1-2019 an can be also be acessed online.

Maximilian Miller
Maximilian Miller
PostDoctoral Associate

improving variant effect predictions, deciphering metagenomes and creating an efficient service infrastructure