After my PhD (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and a subsequent short PostDoc in Enzyme Bioprospection of Metagenomes, I joined the BrombergLab in 2018 to continue my journey as a PostDoc working in the ENIGMA project. The ENIGMA research team is focused on answering a single, compelling question in astrobiology: How did proteins evolve to become the predominant catalysts of life on Earth? Overall i expect to contribute to the understanding of life as whole, focusing on the evolution of genomes and proteins. Aiming to find trends or principles that direct the processes that rule over this nanomachines that make life possible. My main goal is to increasing our capacity to understand, engineer or predict the behaviour of molecular machinery. For this purpose we are developing improved, machine-learning based algorithms to predict some properties associated with molecular machinery.

  • Protein - DNA Coevolution
  • Metagenome Analysis
  • Computational Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Complex Systems Biology
  • Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry, 2018

    Universidad de Buenos Aires

  • Lic. in Biology, 2013

    Universidad de Buenos Aires, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences

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