Dr. Yana Bromberg speaks at meeting of the Theobald Smith Society on 11/14, 6PM - 9PM

The Theobald Smith Society (NJ American Society for Microbiology) will be hosting a meeting on Monday, November 14 between 6-9 pm on the Rutgers, Cook Campus (IMCS-Marine Science building in the Alampi Room).

Dr. Yana Bromberg will be the main speaker followed by Flash Talks from student members of TTS.

Talk title:  Tell me what you do and I’ll tell you who you are: functional basis of microorganism and microbiome annotation.

New BrombergLab member

Following an extensive hiring and subsequent selection process, we proudly welcome the most recent member of the BrombergLab, M.Sc. Luigi Jr. He will certainly prove to be a contributing member of our growing lab.

Luigi Jr.
Prof. Yana Bromberg and PhD Candidate Yanran Wang welcome the newest member of the BrombergLab, M.Sc. Luigi Jr.


Chengsheng Zhu presents at the student seminar of MBS program

Chengsheng Zhu will present his current work about functional annotation of metagenomes directly from short reads at the Molecular BioScience seminar.

(October 27th, 4:00pm, Auditorial Room at Waksman Institute)

New NIGMS Grant


Every person is genetically predisposed to number of disorders that could significantly affect their span or quality of life.

AVA, Dx will motivate new experimentally-testable hypothesis regarding the biological mechanisms of various diseases and provide a means for earlier prognosis, more accurate diagnosis and the development of better treatments.

New Website online

The new Bromberg Lab website is now online.